Welcome & WAGMI
Bad Grandma broke out of her retirement home. It started off innocent, she just wanted a few limes. But limes lead to tequila shots and tequila shots lead to bad decisions. With those bad decisions comes some bad friends, and Bad Grandma made a lot of them. The friends you make taking tequila shots are not the crowd she rolled with at the retirement home.

Bad Grandma's new friends couldn't relate when she talked about hard candies, sewing, and hemorrhoid cream. They didn't understand her constant complaints about her knees and hip. But they did understand her love for riding scooters around Walmart. Even young people love to ride scooters in a crowded Walmart. But when Grandma got in trouble for being reckless she got pissed off. She spotted the ‘wet floor’ sign and decided to make some money.
Bad Grandma got a lot of money, but she wanted more. She went online and bought some Ethereum when it was $12.

Now Bad Grandma is a millionaire. With all her money she bought a lime green Lambo to drive back to the retirement home. At least, that was her plan, but we all know what limes lead to…
One Team. One Vision. One Purpose.
We are all parents. We love our grandmothers. This is for them! And for you! We want Bad Grandma to be on billboards worldwide and we want to share in that with you!